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Physical Therapy & Balance Spring, Texas

We love our patients and we love our referring physicians. 

If your patient needs Physical Therapy we're here to help. We know sometimes it takes a village of passionate practitioners to get a patient back on their feet and back to life. We'd love to be part of your patient's journey.

If you need to refer a patient to us, please fill out the form below. It will allow us to contact and schedule your patient. You can provide your patient with a written script or fax it to us at 346-338-9338.

Physical Therapy Practitioner Referral


Cupping Therapy
Functional Dry Needling (FDN)
Active Release Technique
Balance/Proprioception Training
Gait Training



Foot and Ankle Injuries
Hip Conditions
Joint. Replacement
Knee Conditions and Injuries
Shoulder Conditions and Injuries
Spine Conditions
Sport Injuries
Vestibular Disorders


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